Switzerland in Sound

Switzerland in Sound

When SIS went online on August 1, 2004 it was intended to be the continuation of the English-language shortwave radio broadcasting tradition in Switzerland that I knew and served for 32 years. That came to an end in October of that year.

Today, Switzerland in Sound is the only source of professional, English-language audio reports and features about Switzerland and things Swiss presented in the classic radio style, enhanced by text and pictures. These include a wide range of subject matter from candid one-on-one interviews with interesting people, to entertaining, in-depth features and reports about Swiss life and society, as well as exciting, colorful, animated visits to tourist destinations and attractions all over the country.

Switzerland in Sound is a free service that derives its strength from the finest traditions of the radio reporting art, applied to the modern medium of the Internet. Our standard of quality is high, both journalistically and technically.

Switzerland in Sound is a living entity, and the number and breadth of topics offered here continues to grow. Think of SIS as a library with an ever-increasing number of volumes to choose from. Many items are classics and remain, while others are replaced or updated as needed.

In addition to new material, the section entitled “Vintage Features” is a flash from the broadcasting past, which I hope you’ll enjoy reliving, as well as “The Two Bobs”, which is a great favorite with shortwave radio enthusiasts who remember this technical shortwave radio show from Switzerland.

Switzerland in Sound is privately funded and editorially independent, but is linked through the Internet to a number of private and public institutions. These include www.pcjmedia.com, which also places SIS on local radio stations and networks. PCJ Media also arranges for SIS to be featured as in-flight entertainment.

Bob Zanotti
Founder and Editor


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