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What is Play Us?

“Play Us” gives musicians and pod-casters an opportunity to showcase their content on Chiampa radio. We are accepting content for Weekday Rush Hour, Weekend with Joe and Sunday Tea Dance. We also have open weekly time slots available on occasion.

What kind of content can I use?

We welcome almost all programming, but ask that you don’t violate copyright laws, promote violence, defame public or private citizens, or do anything that will place Chiampa Internet Radio, it’s owners, operators, and partners at risk for a lawsuit.

We’re looking for original programming and more than welcome any cannabis related programming.

How long should my content be?

The length of your content will depend on which program slot your content will be run. Program slots available are:

Weekday Rush Hour with Betty
Content must be a minimum of 15 minutes. If you content is less than 15 minutes, you may
combine multiple tracks. Remember, only the first 13-15 minutes of the track is played before another.

Weekend with Joe
There is no minimum on content length, but it is preferred that the run time of
content is no more than 90 minutes.

Weekday Programming Slots
Our schedule is divided into 30 minute blocks and can accommodate programs up to two hours in length.

What is my obligation to Chiampa Internet Radio?

There is no requirement for the number of programs you may produce, unless you are scheduled a weekly time slot. For artists and pod-casters who obtain a weekly time slot, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 6 months worth of programming.

There is no cost to have your content played, and you will not be compensated when your content plays. You are expected to take care of any royalty requests by any artists you play; however, we strongly recommend original programming or independent artists not tied to any major media distributor or producer. Broadcast reports are available upon request.

All programming must be uploaded to  or to allow automation of your program.

Chiampa Internet Radio and it’s parent company have the FINAL say on what airs on the station.

If you have more questions…

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