Chiampa Radio proudly carries the following programs in our weekly lineup

9-11 Wakeup Call
(WWUH; West Hartford, Connecticut)

Between The Lines Radio News Magazine

Building Bridges
(Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg)

CPR News
(; Metropolitan NY)

Daily Tech News Show

(Bristol Broadband Co-operative)

DJ Rian Pelati
(Gay SA Radio; Gauteng, South Africa)

(EDM DJ; Albuqurque, NM)

DJ Testosterone
(Toronto, ON)

Earth First!
(Free Radio Santa Cruz – 101.3 FM)

Final Straw Radio Show
(WSFM-LP; Asheville, NC)

Focus Asia Pacific
(PCJ Radio International)

Global A Go-Go
(WRIR; Richmond, VA)

Global News Research Hour
(CKUT; Montréal, Québec)

Happy Station Show
(PCJ Radio International)

Headphone Meditations
(Chiampa Radio; Jon Du Bose)

Joe & Anthony Show
(Chiampa Radio; Chicago/Tampa)

Lake Air
(Quality Radio Productions)

New World Notes
(WWUH; West Hartford, CT)

Prison Radio Show
(CKUT; Montreal, Quebec)

Radio Curious
(Ukiah, CA)

Radio Ecoshock

Radio Thrift Shop
(WSCS; New London, NY)

Sea Change Radio
(San Francisco, CA)

Shortwave Report
(Willits, CA)

Sounds From The Global Village
(Quality Radio Productions; Geneva, NY)

State of the City Report
(Bristol Broadband Co-operative)

Sunrise Ocean Bender
(WRIR; Richmond, VA)

Switzerland in Sound
(PCJ Radio International)

This Way Out
(; Los Angeles, CA)

(Boston Free Radio; Boston, MA)

TUC Radio

Upfront Soul
(WERU; East Orland, ME)

Upstate Radio Theatre
(Quality Radio Productions)

Vintage Media Network
(PCJ Radio International)

VOA News
(Washington, D.C.)

What the Tech?
(GFQ Network)

World Beat Canada
(Channel M; Vancouver, BC)

World Labor Hour
(WRFU; Champaign, IL)

Chiampa Radio proudly carries portions of these shows on Weekday Rush Hour

(may not be complete list, contact to add your program to the list)

 Crap From The Past
(KFAI; Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

Music For The Mountain Bluegrass
(Out of the Woods Radio; Concord, NH)

Nerd Monster Radio w/Jose Aparico
(; Los Angeles, CA)

(Santa Cruz, CA)

Rinse FM
(London, UK)

The UpBeet Gardner
(Marion Owen of Kodiak, Alaska)

Chiampa Radio proudly carries portions of these shows on the Weekend With Joe

(may not be complete list, contact to add your program to the list)

Wizards of Money
Smithy“, a mysterious but well-qualified financial insider created this series to explain her profession to Unwelcome Guests listeners. The series used to have its own website, but that was taken down for unexplained reasons. WizardsOfMoney.{com,net,org} are now all occupied by domain squatters. Robin Upton archived the MP3s and transcripts, together with translations by listeners.

Groks Science Radio Show and Podcast
All the Science Fit to Air….and Some That’s Not!

Change Surfer Radio

Aboriginal Press News Service Public Radio (APNSPR)

Cornucopia Radio

Quality Radio Productions

NerdMonster Radio

Labor Express Radio