Welcome to the Joe and Anthony Show!

Chiampa is the home of your two favorite loveable stoners. You can catch their antics live every Monday night at 8 pm EST US or 12:00 am UTC.

Joe and Anthony started a faux radio show way back in the days before anyone even heard of “podcasting” then in 2008 they piloted a couple of episodes on their new “Chiampa Radio” station on the internet. Finally in 2015 the show took off as a firm committment to reach 420 episodes. It might take awhile, but oh there is so much to talk about. While the show length and format have changed a bit over the first 3 years since, the content of weird, odd, and crazy news stories is a feature hit! Be sure to come back and tune in for the LIVE show every Monday night at 8pm EST

Clicking on an episode directs you to where we host the link to our files, at Radio4All.net. Once you’re there at the episode be sure to check out the show notes, then  click on the RED CIRCLE WITH TRIANGLE towards the bottom of their page, to listen to the episode. Have a question or comment about the Joe and Anthony show? Send us an email to playus@chiampa.org or feel free to leave a voicemail at 813-327-8566